Founded in 2002, Mediente has produced a broad spectrum of films across various genres in seven countries across four continents. Mediente’s latest film, “Yellow”, is directed by Nick Cassavetes (“The Notebook”, “The Other Woman”). Yellow premiered to rave reviews and audience acclaim at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival (“TIFF”) and has since been screened at several of the top film festivals around the world. Critic reviews from TIFF included “surreal imagination”…”bizarre parallel realities”…”wildly inventive”…and “a cinematic trip of mind-bending proportions”. Mediente’s filmography includes such films as “Bombay Boys”, a genre-defining Indie film that carried Indian cinema beyond the “song and dance” routine of Bollywood, and the award-winning Malayalam film “Aakshagopuram”, which bought together talent from India and the UK and set a new benchmark in East - West collaboration. “Storage 24”, a British horror film starring BAFTA award winner Noel Clarke was produced by Mediente and released in 2012 by Universal Pictures.

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