Fommy began selling products online in 2003 when BlackBerrys had just started inching their way into mainstream America. The phone manufacturers were on the verge of making some really cool devices but one thing sorely lacking was availability of accessories. The Fommy name came up when we were bouncing around ideas for 'me and my mobile' and the name just stuck. Eight years later here we are... catering to the niche market for wireless devices - which currently includes cell phones, smartphones, tablets, and e-books. We've got it all; cases and covers, screen protectors, Bluetooth, headsets galore, speakers, and on and on. To be honest, some of our shoppers feel like kids in a candy store! We source new products daily to keep up with trends but will also offer you all the tried and true favorites. Our goal is simple. To make Fommy a one-stop shop. Since everyone in your family or company doesn't have the same exact phone (and we don't expect you to) we are proud to offer everything under one roof. Fommy has gotten our share of awards from Inc 5000, Better Business Bureau, and Houston Business Journal, and write ups in the Wall Street Journal and Houston Chronicle, among other places. However, every day our focus is on you, the customer, and providing the best customer service possible. Fommy currently employees over 60 people and has presence in US, UK and India.

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