CT Solutions, Inc, was established in 1999 with the goal of finding and supplying talent to the IT industry, which was then growing in leaps and bounds. Manpower shortage was acute and companies had difficulty in finding the right candidates that match their requirements. CT Solutions became very successful in IT staffing as we did a lot of screening ourselves before we sent out a candidate to the client for interview. Our technical experts evaluate a candidate’s technical knowledge thoroughly. We also do background and reference checks to make sure that the candidates resumes are accurate and true. This has won us trust from our clients; most of the candidates we send to our clients end up being recruited. We have created innovative solutions to help clients reduce their recruitment costs and cycle times. We send our clients a video of the initial interview, so they can decide whether to call the candidate for further interviews. We conduct online tests in a monitored environment and send the scores to clients. But, we also understand recruiting is not just about technology, it is about personalized service, which is something we offer to all our clients. Currently, CT Solutions has expanded from IT staffing to managing and executing outsourced projects. We currently undertake customer web application development projects using Java, .NET and PHP. We do projects cost-effectively. We have transparent processes in place, which ensure timely delivery and highest quality.

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