Celcite was acquired by Amdocs in 2014, facilitating the development of Amdocs’ Radio Access Network (RAN) division, which is part of the Amdocs Network Solutions group. Amdocs reportedly paid $130 million for the company. Founded in 2003, Celcite's solutions were deployed at numerous mobile service providers. In addition to product and solution synergies, Amdocs and Celcite shared several top tier customers at the time of acquisition. Amdocs is the market-leader in customer experience software solutions and services for the world’s largest communications, entertainment and media service providers. Our network solutions allow service providers to unlock the potential in the software-powered network by shaping quality of experience and accelerating time to business value. Only Amdocs can connect the dots between customer, services and network intelligence to maximize the customer network experience, operationalize services and drive service agility. Our portfolio of industry-leading, vendor-neutral software solutions power The New World of Customer Experience™ and give our customers complete control and network deployment flexibility. Amdocs and our more than 24,000 employees serve customers in over 90 countries. Listed on the NASDAQ Global Select Market, Amdocs had revenue of $3.6 billion in fiscal 2014.

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